Raw materials

Like any other production process, the manufacture of glass begins with raw materials. The main components of glass are: cullet, quartz sand, soda ash and limestone. The company has a logistics service that purchases quality raw materials and slag from leading Ukrainian and European manufacturers. All raw materials are tested in a chemical laboratory equipped with the latest technology.



Raw materials, used for making glass, go through the grinding and milling processes in the assembly shop, where they are weighed according to a set amount, mixed and form a homogeneous bulk mass - batch.


Melting of glass mass

The batch, delivered to the glass furnace, as well as a glass cullet, go through five stages of glass melting. To produce high-quality glass, all the processes and conditions inside the furnace are carefully controlled from the glass-making room using a modern computer system.


Glassware production

The glass mass is delivered to the feed mechanism, then with the help of a ceramic plunger it is extruded, after which a glass mass drop of a certain length is cut by the scissors mechanism and delivered to the blank side of the glass-forming machine.


Control and packaging

Delivered glassware on the transport lines pass through the packing and control section, where the quality control of the finished product is carried out with the help of control machines and personnel of the section (controllers). The inspected product is delivered to the palletizer, where the process of storing products in pallets takes place.


In-plant transportation

The products delivered to the site from the production shop are transported to the warehouse, where they are stored for storage until the shipment stage for the consumer. Our company has several new storage sites, which allows us to maintain the high quality of already manufactured products.


Shipment to the consumers

The company is equipped with several places for loading products to the consumer. Products from the warehouse are delivered to these places and with the help of a forklift truck and the KGW team there is occurring the process of shipping of finished products to the consumer.